David Sebberson

David Sebberson grew up near Oakland, Nebraska.  His father was a farmer, his mother a one-room country schoolteacher.  In an inspired moment on a trip to the family dentist in Omaha, David’s parents took him to Joslyn Art Museum.  Trips to the dentist were never a problem after that.  He began to paint. He joined the Oakland Art Klub, organized by local artist Lawrence Faudel, and exhibited with it while in high school.   He painted some in college, less in graduate school.   And then he stopped.  For 14 years.  He worked at the World Bank in Washington DC during the 1980s and then as an English professor at St. Cloud State University (SCSU) during the 1990s.  In 1997 he began studying art formally for the first time, taking painting courses at SCSU.  He began exhibiting regularly in 2000.  With no one really wanting to be department chair, and seeing that David was spending way too much time in the art building anyway, the art department invited him to be chair.  He accepted -- and has become the guest who never left.  For David the return to art was a return to a beginning place, and so he paints the plains, that beginning place that shaped his eye.

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