Hugo Zamorano

Hugo was born in Los Angeles, California.  He began his path as an artist when his kindergarten teacher read A Very Hungry Caterpillar to the whole class.  That is when he decided to be an artist.  California is where he raised his first Pit Bull dog and where he discovered Graffiti Writing and Hip Hop.  He now resides in South Omaha, Nebraska.  Nebraska is where he began to grow as an artist, where he received his BFA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where some friends became family, where he began boxing, raised his current Pit Bull, and met his fiancée.



 Everyone is exposed to different cultures, communities, and ideas, at different points in life.  Many things lead to these exposures, including where you live, who you live with, how you were raised, and the kind of life you currently live.  My work contains issues and scenarios that I come across while being part of a culture which is American, having cultural heritage which is Mexican, and have taken part of a sub-culture which is Graffiti Writing. Personal experiences, observations of society, the title, realism, and expressive lines help create a narrative about the environment in which I see it.


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