Jan Christensen

Our natural environment is a unique sanctuary for color, light, shapes, emotion, and contemplation. For Christensen the landscape is panoramic and unconfined. She is inspired by the expanse and likes to take multiple and successive images (without the use of a tripod) to combine into a larger image. It is a technique as old as photography itself, but now aided by software such as Photoshop, although she has been refining her technique for many years before computers. She is most interested in out of the way places, the untouched wildness of our original landscape, disappearing as it may be; in the land that is contoured by water and wind, with flora & fauna seemingly random, but having its own reason and rhythm.

Christensen received a BFA in drawing, painting, and photography from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a graduate certificate in Arts Administration (on scholarship from the Massachusetts Council on the Arts) from Harvard University, Business School. Her work has been seen in galleries in many states, such as the Discovery Room of the International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House, and as part of a Kodak Colorama in the Rochester, NY airport. It is also part of multiple private and corporate collections.


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