Judy Greff

Judy Greff was born January 7, 1941, and raised in the Sandhills of Nebraska. She presently lives and enjoys a studio on the banks of the Platte River near Ashland, Nebraska. She is a self-trained artist who has studied with regional and national artists in various media including a master class with Ann Toulmin-Rothe and Robert Baxter in Provence, France.

"I paint realism as I feel it…I paint in acrylic on a prepared hardboard panel.  I begin by establishing the composition, color relationships and values.  Excitement grows in the refinement process, working from dark to light, positive to negative and from chaos to simplicity.  What is it that drives me into the studio?  Inspiration, passion and guilt. Making art is, for me, an escape into reality." - Judy Greff

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