Richard Fenker

Richard Fenker is a Texas artist, writer and inventor living in Fort Davis, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico. His strongest artistic influences came from Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe and Ansel Adams, with whom he was privileged to study in 1976. His traditional black and white landscape photography has been featured in many shows and published in a variety of books and magazines, including his book Where Rainbows Wait for Rain: The Big Bend Country.  Although Richard often uses photography as a starting point, his recent abstract color work on leaves, butterflies, stones, French architecture and western landscapes all take the form of prints.  At heart, Richard is as much an impressionist or abstract realist as a traditional photographer.

The photographs are intended to represent some of the grand scale and majestic beauty of the western landscape.  Although he has done photography in many places all over the world, his primary interest with the panoramic pictures is the western United States.  He uses a wide view panorama camera because his own experience of seeing the landscape comes in a wide view format.  Traditional image sizes capture only small parts of this experience.

He works almost exclusively with his Fuji Panorama camera. He normally works very quickly and often without a light meter in natural settings because the light changes so rapidly in nature.  He uses both color negative film and color positive film depending on the range of light and time of day.

He is drawn to scenes that have a painterly quality, especially where the light is concerned. Richard works with a scene in a way that it becomes like a painting because of his management of light and other elements. He has never liked the surface of traditional color photographic papers—so, his work is printed on a watercolor or other similar paper, often with a textured surface, that further enhances the painterly quality.

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