Stephen Dinsmore

Nebraska artist Stephen Dinsmore’s work is allied to the mystery and alchemical nature of painting.  His paintings evoke a love of light, color, ennui and connection to land and object. The subjects of Mr. Dinsmore’s work include landscape, still life, and “things for which I have great fondness.”  The paintings are expressionistic in spirit with nuanced and subtle balances of color and light.  There is a lively and sensuous handling of paint in the work – a love of materials. Dinsmore says that, “I search for subjects or a visual find that I just can’t leave behind.   Some condition in nature or subject grabs hold and I have no choice but to try to paint it.  Happening upon such circumstances are such gifts – moments of grace.” His paintings are meant to be seen over time.  There is a quiet depth to the work that reveals itself with repeated viewing. 


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